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Well Drillers

National Testing Laboratories (NTL) has been supporting well drillers across the country for more than 25 years. Providing the highest quality independent laboratory testing for new and existing water wells.

When homeowners ask well drillers about the quality of their water from a new or existing well, NTL can help provide the answer. We offer comprehensive testing packages for consumers who want general information about their well water quality. These tests are reported in a clear, concise format. For each item tested, the report includes: the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL), which is the safety level established by the EPA; the minimum detectable level; and the level detected in the sample. Each report is accompanied by our corrective action brochure, which contains information about the contaminants including health effects and general recommendations for treating water. As a part of NTL's green initiative, beginning 5/29/2012 we will no longer be mailing copies of our informational test results upon completion, they will be sent via email only. If you still require mailed copies, please contact a Technical Service Representative at 1-800-458-3330. This initiative does NOT affect any commercial and/or regulatory testing at this current time, but will in the future.

If testing is needed for regulatory requirements to obtain a well permit, a compliance test would be needed. Compliance testing is quoted on a case by case basis because of the many different requirements. See our Commercial Specification Sheet for a list of the compliance tests and groupings we generally offer. Additional services are also available. Please contact one of our representatives if you do not see the test you need. If compliance testing is required, please provide a list of the contaminants required and the state in which the work is to be completed. We will review the necessary certification and issue an official quote within two business days which will include pricing, turn-around-time and any other information pertinent to performing the analysis.

Quality Service
You not only receive quality testing packages and analysis, you will also receive expert technical support and service. Our technical representatives hold degrees in Biology, Environmental Geology, General Sciences and Business. Our technical service representatives review current regulations and stay in contact with regulators in order to offer informed recommendations to customers concerning their testing needs.

After consulting with one of our representatives, customers are shipped test kits that come with simple instructions to make sample collection and shipment back to our laboratories as easy as possible. Once the sample reaches our laboratory, the highly skilled and trained laboratory technicians are responsible for the processing and analysis of the sample. The laboratory staff and technical representatives are in constant communication so customers are notified immediately of problems or concerns as the samples are processed.

Once the results have been sent to the client, please be assured our service does not stop there. Representatives are always available to answer questions regarding the issued results or to assist in any additional testing that may need to be performed. NTL is recognized worldwide for our commitment to quality and customer service.


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